Hololoot January recap 📄

Whether you’re a long term holder or a short term flipper, crypto markets in the New Year have been turbulent to say the least. Still, if your $HOL is locked away in staking you don’t need to fear the panic sell — and by all accounts our token has been tracking pretty well despite general market conditions.

Typically, market dips are a cause for frantic portfolio reflection. With everything in the red, people now more than ever begin questioning the legitimacy of the projects they’re invested in. Luckily for you, we use our social channels to stay as vocal as possible about our $HOL token and its place in Hololoot. So make sure you’re following our Twitter to stay up to date and educated 🤓

But what about the news?! We’ve had loads in January, so in this article we thought we’d take a look at the partnerships, announcements and developments in the month that was, and look forward a little to what’s in store for February.

Feelin’ CEXy

You asked ‘wen’, and we delivered 🚀 This month we were listed on our very first Centralized Exchange!

On January 05 at 06.00 UTC, a HOL/USDT pair went live on MEXC exchange. We were thrilled to be listed on MEXC, which is one of the largest centralized exchanges by volume in crypto, and also a highly reputable player in the space.

To help build hype for the launch, we gave away $100,000 worth of $HOL via MEXC’s Kickstarter program. And a kickstart it was — our campaign had a participation rate of 35,788% with around 21.7 million votes. Thank you to everyone who participated on the day!

But the fun didn’t end there — we gave away some USDT to 5 lucky Hololooters, who we assume did the smart thing and went and immediately swapped it for $HOL on MEXC.

Our MEXC listing was a massive milestone, but it’s just the beginning. We’re in the DMs of some of the biggest exchanges out there, and while you’ll have to wait for now, our listing plans are far from over 🚀

New Year, New Friends

We started January by summarizing some of the key partnerships we formed last year — read the article here if you haven’t already. It’s still worth reading to learn about what we’re doing with some of our key partners, but it became outdated almost as soon as it was posted!

In January we welcomed a whole sway of new partners to the Hololoot family, and we were thrilled to become part of theirs. In particular, we announced partnerships with:

We’re looking forward to working with each of them to bring their NFTs to life in our AR marketplace ✨

In the Holo-news

We kicked off the year with a couple of incredible features in the crypto media. Both New Kids on the Blockchain and Joe Parys shouted out Hololoot as one of their projects to watch in 2022 🔥

We were humbled to see our name mentioned by such large influencers — but not humbled enough to think that they should already be putting Hololoot on their ‘projects to watch’ videos for 2023 and beyond 😎

Certik audit update

In early January we published an announcement regarding our Certik audit, and updated the community that we had resolved all the issues the auditors had identified. We’re pleased to report that this has been verified by the Certik team who have since updated our leader board status.

Bigger team, bigger dreams

In January we formally welcomed some new members to our team, and we’re hyped to have them here 💖

One name that you’ve all probably seen by now is that of Arturs — our wonderful Community Manager. Arturs has been helping out with our Discord for a while and it was amazing to formally offer him a spot in the team.

Arturs has been hard at work since day one, organizing giveaways, activity challenges and other awesome events. If you haven’t yet, make sure you tune in to his community call in our Telegram community channel every Thursday at 16.00 UTC. In addition to hearing Arturs’ soothing voice, you’ll also get your fair share of Hololoot alpha (like the centralized exchange leak that dropped in the first call 😮) and the chance to win prizes by asking interesting questions 💸

Interested in learning more about the Hololoot team? Why not come stalk us all on LinkedIn ✨ We launched our company profile this month and would love to see all your corporate follows over there.

The metaquestion

Our DMs were filled in the first days of the New Year by exhausted Hololooters looking for help. “Hololoot,” they said, “I just spent two weeks explaining to my family what crypto is, and now they want to know what ‘metaverse’ means! Could you please publish an article or something that I could just send them?”

Well, the group of anonymous Hololooters who may or may not have actually sent us messages like that — your request has been answered.

In January we published an explainer for the metaverse, and took a look at how Hololoot fits into it. If you haven’t already, go check it out — it’s fun and informative.

A February of fun 🥳

We love suspense and surprises, so we’re not going to give away all our secrets just yet. Still, it’s nice to have a few things to look forward to, which is why in February you can expect:

  • More community challenges and prizes
  • Incredible partnership announcements
  • A detailed explainer for $PIXEL and the INO system
  • Development updates
  • Good times, great vibes

Make sure you’re following all of our channels, including on TelegramTwitter and Discord, so that you don’t miss anything over the months. And trust us, you’ll want to keep those notifications on 🚀

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