Hololoot to list on MEXC! 🥳

Hololooters, the day is finally upon us — $HOL is set for listing on our first Centralized Exchange! We’re thrilled to announce our provisional listing with MEXC, one of the largest exchanges in the world by volume. MEXC has a strong reputation for security and is trusted by millions of crypto traders, and we’re thrilled to be listing here first.

But there’s a catch 🧐

🚨 For our listing to be approved we need your help! 🚨

$HOL needs to pass a MEXC Kickstarter vote to make it to the exchange. This is your chance to help our coin find a wider market and new liquidity, and just by voting you could win your share of $100,000 worth of $HOL tokens!

Yep. One hundred thousand dollars 💸

This is an awesome opportunity not just to show the world how amazing our community is, but to also win some incredible prizes. Read on for all the details on the Kickstarter, how to participate and when $HOL will list if we’re successful 🚀

Hololoot Kickstarter

MEXC Kickstarter campaigns are designed to build hype around a project prior to listing, and we want to show MEXC the most hyped listing they’ve ever had 🔥

Participating is easy, and voters have the chance to share $100,000 worth of $HOL tokens 🎊 All you need to do is sign up at MEXC and vote using their $MX token.

Details are as follows:

  1. Voting Period: 2022–01–24 02:00–2022–01–24 10:50 (UTC)
  2. Estimated Trading: 2022–01–25 06:00 (UTC)
  3. Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened as of 2022–01–23 10:00 (UTC)
  4. Voting Link: https://www.mexc.com/sun/assessment
  5. Airdrop Details: $100,000 worth of $HOL shared between winners
  6. Voting Token: $MX
  7. Requirement: Minimum 10 votes.

(Note: Kickstarter campaigns will have a maximum voting cap of 500,000 MX tokens.)

  1. Rules: The tokens used for voting will be temporarily locked during the event period and will be unlocked within an hour once the event concludes. Users can vote as many times as they wish before the voting period ends.
  2. Rewards: The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour according to users’ total votes once the event concludes.
  3. Special Reward: 500 users with total assets exceeding 1,000 MX and who have voted in this session of Kickstarter will be selected at random to receive a 10 USDT Futures Bonus, the rewards shall be airdropped to the respective winners within 7 working days upon the completion of this event. (Note: Users must open their Futures Account before the event ends to be eligible to receive the Futures Bonus reward.)

This competition is being run by MEXC. For the T&C and more details please visit the Kickstarter page.

Make sure you go and vote! If we don’t meet the Kickstarter threshold we don’t get listed, and a big chunk of the $HOL token prize will get returned to our wallet instead of going out to yours 😥

When can I trade $HOL?

Deposits and withdrawals for $HOL on MEXC open at 10.00 UTC on January 23, 2022. That means that if you’re reading this, you can already start preparing to trade $HOL ✨

If our Kickstarter is successful, $HOL will be listed for trading at 06.00 UTC on January 25, 2022.

Remember, the pair will be HOL/USDT 🔥

The year of Hololoot ✨

Our first CEX listing is great reason to celebrate, but it’s still only one small step on our long journey. We’re looking forward to more listings on more exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, as we continue our development.

Don’t forget to go vote for Hololoot in the Kickstarter — that incredible $100,000 prize has your name it, so don’t just let it sit there unclaimed 🚀

Make sure you’re following Hololoot for more updates as we (hopefully) open trading on MEXC, announce even more listings and roll out our game-changing AR NFT Generator, Marketplace and Metaverse ✨

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