Hololoot x CryptoBlades — An EXCLUSIVE AR Weapon Drop ⚔️

Crypto Knights, ready your weapons (and wallets) — the Hololoot x CryptoBlades AR NFT drop is HERE! As of right now, you can purchase the Hololoot Sword through the Hololoot marketplace, and in doing so earn yourself a unique in-game weapon.

Be quick though — the blades are selling, and supply is capped at 100 units!

A blade for the bravest knights

The Hololoot Sword is much more than something to swing around in the metaverse — it’s your ticket to Hololoot’s AR viewer. We’ve been working with CryptoBlades to develop AR versions of all their NFT assets, and by purchasing the Hololoot Sword, you’ll be able to view your other NFTs in AR as well ✨

The perks for CryptoBlades players don’t end there — if you purchase the Hololoot Sword, you’ll receive a unique in-game weapon to use. These weapons will be airdropped to holders, so make sure you get your hands on the drop before it sells out!

🔥 Total units: 100

🔥 Cost per unit: 715 $HOL

Something sharp and pointy for the new metaverse 🗡

We’re extremely excited by this collaboration with the amazing team over at CryptoBlades as this represents a new milestone in the history of P2E, NFTs and the metaverse more generally.

As the world’s first AR NFT generator, marketplace and metaverse, and with this being our first P2E drop, this is somewhat of a historical moment. And even though it’s the first, it certainly won’t be the last — we’re excited to work with CryptoBlades again in the future, as well as with other P2E projects to deliver more amazing opportunities for collectors and gamers alike.

If you’d like to access the Hololoot marketplace but aren’t sure how, read our guide on how to set up the beta app here and our guide for the marketplace here.

We’ve got more drops coming throughout April, so make sure you’re following all our channels for the latest on everything Hololoot ✨

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