Hololoot’s AR NFT Marketplace: Q3 Drops and Giveaways

We’ve been teasing some awesome marketplace drops over the last few months, and the day has finally come to shed some light on what we’ve got in the works! Today, we’re excited to release our marketplace schedule for Q3!

We’ve been working hard with our partners to develop AR NFTs that look awesome and deliver some amazing utility, and to help celebrate each we have some awesome giveaways planned ✨

Whether you’re already a fan of these amazing projects, an AR NFT enthusiast, or someone looking to dive into this exciting segment, this is the list for you! Make sure you read to the end to see what’s in store for each 🔥

Note: Life happens, and sometimes dates need to change. Keep an eye on our announcements for the latest details on each release.


We’re back at it with our friends at CryptoBlades, this time with the lustrous CryptoBlades Pendant.

“The CryptoBlades Pendant was forged in the flames of a vanquished dragon’s final breath — or at least that’s what the shady-looking guy at the tavern told you when he sold it to you.”

Cryptoblades Pendant visualization
Cryptoblades Pendant Visualization

We’ll be giving away some Pendants in a competition before the drop — check our announcements for information on how to get your hands on one of these shiny trinkets.

This is our second collaboration with CryptoBlades — the first being the Hololoot Sword. We’re excited to continue working with the team on these drops, and we’re looking forward to bringing more of the CryptoBlades metaverse to life in AR 🔥

Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)

Blockchain Game Alliance, or BGA, is one of our key strategic partners, and we’re excited to release a drop in collaboration with them later this month. This drop will happen through a giveaway — keep your eyes peeled for more details 👀


We’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the CryptoZoo lore over on our dedicated Twitter account, and later this month we’ll build the zoo out even further with some exciting new elements dropping toward the end of July 🔥

We’ll say more in a dedicated post, but this won’t be your average drop. Elements from this release will be a core part of the CryptoZoo Play-to-Earn (P2E) game and will form the basis of a competition we’ll launch to help promote the game.

This is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while, so if there’s only one Hololoot drop you pay attention to this year, make sure it’s this one 🚀


Our AR designers have been sweating it out in the metaverse dojo in preparation for our drop with the P2E brawler game MetaFighter. MetaFighter has garnered attention from some of the most prominent names in the crypto and NFT space, and we’re excited to collaborate on their first AR collection.

We’ll start a competition to giveaway some AR NFTs before the marketplace drop. Just be careful not to pick a fight with the wrong AR character when you bring them to life through Hololoot.


Q3 continues with a collaboration with Metastrike — a P2E shooter currently in alpha. Metastrike brings the competitive FPS experience of games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty to the blockchain, and we’re helping them bring that experience to the AR metaverse 🔥

We’ll also kick this drop with a giveaway before the marketplace release. This is an exciting one Hololooters — keep an eye on those announcements!

Scotty Beam

Hololoot R&D has been busy working on a hot piece of tech we’re dubbing the Synergized Anti-relocation Fluxation Utility — SAFU for short. This revolutionary device is able to capture the information in an atomized teleportation beam and reconstruct it at a pre-programmed location, rather than at the teleport’s intended destination.

Early tests are promising, and our Holo-scientists tell us it should be ready later this quarter when we can finally get Scotty Beam mid-teleport and redirect him into the Hololoot marketplace ✨

We’ll be preparing for this exciting drop with a giveaway — don’t miss this chance to get the King of NFT Teleportation in your AR collection!


Scotty isn’t the only mascot joining the AR marketplace –we’ll also open competition with our good friends at Enjin to giveaway some Blobby NFTs 🔥

Blobby has been with us from almost the very start, and we’re excited for him to make his public debut.

Fight of the Ages (FOTA)

We were incredibly excited when we announced our partnership with Fight of the Ages earlier this year, and we’re even more excited now that we have a date for our first collaborative drop! This quarter, FOTA will have its first assets in the Hololoot marketplace, and to celebrate we’ll launch a competition right before the drop.

If you’re not familiar with FOTA, make sure you go check them out right now. The team is building a P2E MOBA (like DotA or LoL) that utilizes AR — the perfect partner for an AR NFT generator and marketplace like Hololoot ✨

We can’t wait to play the game, and we’re excited to share their collection with you in September.

Kryxivia — September

One of our final planned drops for Q3 will be in collaboration with Kryxivia — an awesome MMORPG in alpha. Kryxivia has some amazing gameplay, characters, bosses, locations, and items, and we’re looking forward to bringing them to life in AR 🔥

Keep an eye out for the giveaway announcement, with the marketplace drop coming shortly after.

Many more to come!

We’re already working on more exciting partnerships, collaborations, and competitions for Q4 to finish the year with a bang — as always, make sure you’re following all our social channels so that you don’t miss any announcements ✨

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