Hololoot’s CryptoZoo: The AltcoinBuzz Tiger 🐯

Come one, come all, to Hololoot’s famed CryptoZoo! See the colossal Bitcoin Whale, the dazzling Polkadot Flamingo, the charming Binance Shiba Inu and the noble Etherhino!

And what a wonderful day to visit! The zoo has been abuzz with word of our latest entrant to the CryptoZoo — the king of the crypto jungle, and a feared predator always on the hunt for juicy chunks of alpha.

We bring you, the AltcoinBuzz Tiger 🐅

In the whale-eat-whale world of crypto, the line between predator and prey is a fine one. Only those with the keenest analytical senses make it to the top, leaving all others stuck tumbling around in the white water of more sophisticated players.

But one hunter turns that dynamic on its head, not only sourcing delectable tidbits for itself, but sharing their bounties with others in the crypto jungle. Such kindness is rare in the metaverse, particularly from those toward the top of the information food chain.

The AltcoinBuzz Tiger — named after the crack team of journalists whose investigations first revealed this apex predator’s uncommon strategy — is a unique part of the crypto ecosystem. This dominant feline seeks out hard-to-find, protein-rich Alpha and shares it readily with other creatures in its habitat.

It’s unusual to find this kind of altruism in the blockchain wilds, but this strategy has made the Tiger both feared and loved by creatures of all sizes. Researchers have observed large congregations forming around the Tiger as it shares Alpha with all, asking for nothing but engagement in return.

As a result of the Tiger’s behavior, smaller species that would have otherwise gone extinct in the ruthless boscage have gone on to thrive. Studies now suggest that potentially tens of thousands of creatures have benefited from this activity, making the Tiger one of the most beneficial creatures in the entire crypto ecosystem.

One anecdote about the Tiger tells the story of how it saved a wayward tourist from losing themself to the jungle. Head to the clouds, the lost traveler lost footing at a lake’s edge, falling underwater with a heavy bag of dead weight. The selfless Tiger, seeing them in distress, leaped in and managed to drag them out. Had it not been for the helpful creature, the bag holder would likely still be underwater today.

The CryptoZoo is one of Hololoot’s genesis AR NFT collections, featuring zoomorphic representations of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. These crypto-themed critters can be collected and viewed in Hololoot’s AR viewer and will play a crucial role in the upcoming CryptoZoo P2E game.

In the CryptoZoo game, players become zookeepers tasked with building their own zoo and caring for the crypto pets within it, earning token rewards that correspond to the AR NFT they’re using.

Several members of the CryptoZoo collection are available now on the Hololoot marketplace and secondary marketplaces like Element.

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