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Friends. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have many, some have very few. Some we know in real-life, others we may only ever know online. Some are even imaginary — which is just as valid, in our opinion.

Hololoot wouldn’t be what it is without our friends, sometimes more formally known as ‘partners’. They’re what make our platform special, and what make us different from our competitors. In fact, our partners are a core part of our offering — they allow us to give our shared communities special offers and utility that, individually, we simply couldn’t.

In this article we take a look at some of our major partners so far, and discuss what makes each of these partnerships so special 

Enjin and Efinity

If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you’ll probably have heard us talk about Enjin and Efinity. As one of our core technology partners, Enjin provides the tech that makes Hololoot go. In particular, their NFT solution makes minting AR NFTs through our platform fast, easy and affordable. We’ve been working with them from the very beginning, and we’re incredibly thankful to have not only their tech, but also their support.

Efinity is Enjin’s partner project. They’re kind of like cousins. Or siblings. Or a parent and a child? Regardless, they’re both awesome. You might have seen Efinity in the news recently when they won the sixth Polkadot parachain auction, becoming the first NFT/metaverse project in the Polkadot ecosystem. It’s difficult to convey exactly how significant this is in just a single Medium article, so you can just take our word for it instead when we say it’s a pretty big deal. We’re going to be working closely with Efinity as they deploy on Polkadot, and with them bring our AR NFT platform to even more users than ever before ✨


Engineer. Astronaut. Hamster. There are many things that Scotty is, and very few that he’s not. He’s perhaps most famous for his ingenious ScottyBeam teleportation protocol that allows NFTs to move from one blockchain to another. As anyone who has tried to teleport anything can attest, this is no small feat.

As well as shamelessly using Scotty himself in many of our promotional materials, we also use the ScottyBeam teleporter to allow seamless NFT teleportation across chains. The future will be built on multiple chains, so our ScottyBeam integration ensures that Hololoot can reach everyone, regardless of the blockchain they’re on.


Fight for honor, glory and awesome NFTs with our partner CryptoBlades. CryptoBlades was one of the first P2E metaverses that we partnered with, and we’re incredibly grateful for their confidence in our vision. With this partnership, CryptoBlades players, including those from their metaverse Omnus, can view their NFTs in glorious AR, thanks to Hololoot. You’ll also be able to trade these NFTs in our marketplace, meaning you’re able to give live demonstrations to potential buyers (in the safety of AR, of course).

Revolve Games

Revolve Games is more than just a metaverse — it’s an entire gaming and DeFi ecosystem, with innovative tokenomics and NFT features. Our partnership with Revolve brings their high-utility NFTs into AR, allowing you to explore the furthest reaches of the universe right from your sofa, and to trade these NFTs in the Hololoot marketplace.


Retail and e-commerce are markets set to be revolutionized by NFTs, and our next partner is one of the earliest to explore these opportunities. Uniqly allows people to trade NFTs tied to real-world clothes. If you want the actual item to wear, you can burn your NFT for the swag and get it delivered to your door. We’ve all speculated on crypto assets, but have you ever speculated on socks? It’s more lucrative than you might imagine.

Our partnership with Uniqly brings their NFTs into AR. Ever wondered what the clothes you buy online actually look like? With AR NFTs, you can examine them in 3D right from your mobile device. Spin it, flip it, even see how it might look in the mirror, all before you redeem the NFT for the underlying item.

And if you really want to show people how early you are to AR NFTs, make sure you check out the Hololoot store on Uniqly 🔥

Pluto Alliance

There’s war brewing in the Solar System, and our next partner is at the center of it all. We recently welcomed Pluto Alliance to the Hololoot fold, and we’re looking forward to bringing their NFTs to life in AR. You’ll also be able to trade Pluto Alliance NFTs in the Hololoot marketplace, and hopefully decide once and for all whether Pluto is actually a planet or not.

A list that never ends ✨

We’ve looked at just a few of our partners today — there are others, both public and in the pipeline, which we’re equally proud to be working with. Like we’ve said, we would be nothing without them, and every new partnership makes our platform a little bit more special.

We’re also always on the lookout for new partners — if you’ve got a project with NFTs, or even one that is interested in NFTs, please reach out to our team on Telegram. Likewise, if you know a project you’d like to see collaborate with Hololoot, why not pester them to get in touch with us? After all, it’s the more, the merrier 😉

Make sure you keep an eye on all of our social channels — we’ve got some really exciting partnerships in the works, and you won’t want to miss it when we drop V2 of this article 👀

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