Earn money making devices probabilistically impossible to hack.

What Is Staking?

Staking is the process of using your tokens to validate the legitimacy of transactions on the blockchain.

Prevent Hacks, Empower


Do your part building a more secure, brighter future..

Earn Money

Do well by doing good.

Decide What’s Next

By staking BP, you get the right to vote on the project’s roadmap.

At mainnet, Beyond Protocol will secure innumerable devices, and, for the first time, allow them to talk to each other. Things we have not yet imagined – use cases which create new industries and solve our most daunting challenges – will emerge. To empower a robust ecosystem of validators at launch, Beyond Protocol offers a lucrative pre-staking program. Participants will receive rewards and be whitelisted for mainnet staking access.

Pre-Staking to Mainnet


To support the mainstream use cases Beyond Protocol will power at mainnet, Beyond Protocol will need to launch with a thriving staking ecosystem to verify devices are who they say they are prior to them communicating with other devices. This makes hacks probabilistically impossible. Beyond Protocol’s pre-stake program is designed to stimulate the growth of the staking ecosystem through high yields and special opportunities.