AR, NFTs and Hololoot: An Explanation for your Grandparents

We’ve all been there: in a room with our friends or family, attempting to explain how Bitcoin works and what an NFT is. It’s a tough conversation to have, involving cryptography, game theory, economic dynamics and the valuation of abstract concepts like scarcity and cultural impact. At the start of the year we tried to … Read more

What Is Hololoot? Our Project Explained for your Grandparents

A few weeks ago we published a simplified guide to AR and NFTs — a follow-up from our article explaining the metaverse in simple terms. Today, we’re back for the big one: “What is Hololoot?” We understand that for mainstream adoption to happen everyone needs to understand our app and the technology behind it. In this article, we … Read more

The Wild World of AR Wearables 🕶️

Wearable technology has amazing potential, yet only in recent years has it graduated from the realm of sci-fi to reality. We’ve seen attempts come and go: from the smartwatches and fitness bands around people’s wrists to the Google Glasses and bulky VR headsets wrapped around their faces. As our mobiles and computers become smaller and … Read more

AR Games: The Future or a Fad?

From a minority to the norm — gamers are everywhere. What started as a niche hobby for the tech-inclined in the 70s is now one of the largest entertainment segments on Earth, with industry revenues exceeding $180 billion in 2021. Around one-third of the people on Earth are gamers, and if the trends are to continue … Read more