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What is Hololoot?

Hololoot is a technology provider offering augmented reality (AR) solutions, cloud services, and AR nonfungible token (NFT) creation to clients across multiple industries.


Our services empower businesses to leverage AR for various use cases, such as marketing engagement, user acquisition, and sales growth.

What services does Hololoot offer?

Hololoot provides a wide array of AR services, including White-label and SDK solutions, AR NFT creation, and Hololoot Cloud for real-time updates and control of all assets.


Our technology is designed to boost marketing efforts, enhance user engagement, and strengthen brand messaging.

What technology powers Hololoot?

Hololoot’s technology stack is a blend of cutting-edge advancements and proven systems, including Unity, IPFS, Microsoft Azure, AR Foundation, ARKit or ARCore, WebGL, Java, and NoSQL.

How can brands and businesses use Hololoot's technology?

Hololoot’s AR solutions can be integrated into marketing strategies to create interactive campaigns, enhance user engagement, and increase brand visibility.


Our technology is also instrumental in creating unique and immersive retail experiences, product demonstrations, and more.

Can Hololoot create AR NFTs?

Yes, Hololoot’s platform enables the creation of unique AR NFTs, providing additional utility and value to NFT projects.

How can Hololoot benefit blockchain and crypto projects?

Hololoot offers AR solutions tailored to blockchain and crypto projects, which can enhance user engagement, broaden project visibility, and add a new level of interactivity to these initiatives.

What is Hololoot Cloud?

Hololoot Cloud is our proprietary system that enables real-time updates and control over all AR assets. It’s a tool for instantly managing and updating AR content, providing dynamic, on-the-fly adjustments for more responsive AR scenarios.

 Is Hololoot blockchain-ready?

Yes, Hololoot’s technology comes with ready-to-deploy smart contracts, enabling us to mint our AR models as NFTs across various blockchain networks.

What industries can benefit from Hololoot's services?

Hololoot’s AR technology can be used across various industries, including retail, marketing, entertainment, real estate, education, and more.

How can I get in touch with Hololoot?

You can contact us through our website’s Contact Us page. We’re eager to hear from you and discuss how our solutions can meet your needs.

How does Hololoot handle data security and privacy?

At Hololoot, we prioritize data security and privacy. We adhere to industry-standard data protection policies and are transparent about handling and storing data.

Can I try Hololoot's technology before purchasing a service?

We can arrange a demo for serious inquiries. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements and schedule a demonstration.

Does Hololoot have its token?

Yes, Hololoot has a proprietary token known as $HOL. It is integral to our ecosystem and used for various functionalities and services within the Hololoot platform.

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