Our technology is a blend of cutting-edge advancements and proven systems that push the boundaries of what’s possible in AR. Here’s a snapshot of what powers Hololoot:

Adaptive Lighting Algorithm

We've developed a proprietary algorithm that dynamically adjusts lighting within the AR environment to match real-world illumination. That heightens the sense of immersion and makes AR experiences feel more realistic.

Interactive 3D Models

Our tech stack enables intuitive interaction with 3D models, giving users control over the AR content. We utilize advanced technologies such as AR Foundation, ARKit, and glTF files to deliver the highest quality AR experiences.

Real-time Content Editing

Leveraging the method of Knowledge-Based Engineering, our platform allows for real-time AR content editing without the need to dive into the source code. This means immediate, on-the-fly adjustments for more dynamic and responsive AR scenarios.


Hololoot's technology is equipped with ready-to-deploy smart contracts, making our platform blockchain-ready. That allows us to mint our AR models as NFTs across various chains, including Ethereum and Polygon.

Powering the Blockchain
with Augmented Reality.

Unified Infrastructure: We use a diverse suite of technologies to ensure seamless AR experiences:


For displaying interactive 3D models.


For storing and sharing files in a peer-to-peer network.

Microsoft Azure

For leveraging cloud computing and blockchain services.

AR Foundation

For building AR apps on iOS platforms.

ARCore or ARKit

For building AR apps on Android platforms.


For rendering 3D graphics on the cloud.


For programming and building applications.


For flexible and scalable data