Hololoot February Recap

February was an incredibly busy month for our development team as they dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s on the upcoming marketplace. It was also a busy month for a community, with several competitions, new partnerships and some important updates.

We even adopted a cat 😲

In this article, we take a look back at the month that was and look forward to some things we can expect in March.

Product Development 🛠

Product development is progressing well on the upcoming marketplace, slated for release at the end of Q1. Our dev team reports that the contracts are just about finished, requiring only auditing and testing before they go live.

The marketplace will mark an important milestone for Hololoot, serving as our very first actual product. Until now, the only utility for $HOL has been in staking — with the marketplace, $HOL becomes a fully-fledged currency 🚀

Our 3D designers have also been hard at work preparing for the marketplace to launch, crafting and carving AR models for our growing list of partners. We’ll be auctioning off some incredible drops when the marketplace goes live, so make sure you stay tuned to see who the lucky first project will be 👀

On the topic of AR models — the Hololoot QA team has begun an initiative to accelerate the AR viewer’s testing. A team of testers will shortly begin testing the app and reporting issues to be resolved, all the while recording videos of them and their assets. Expect to see more videos from within the app in the coming weeks.

Winner winner chicken dinner 🏆

In case you missed it, we won the VR/AR category at the NFT Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and to those that celebrated the victory in real life or the metaverse 🥂

COO Maciej had some words to say on Twitter — go check it out ✨

Maciej’s musings 🎬

Speaking of COO Maciej having some words to say on Twitter — he also recorded a project update video addressing some concerns that people were voicing about the token.

This video is an extremely good watch, and we suggest all Hololoot investors check it out.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and closeness to our community. If you enjoyed the video, please make sure you give it a like — we’d like to continue producing videos like these going forward.

Regional communities 🌏

As one door closes, another opens… In February, this was true for our regional communities. Due to some inactivity and the difficulty of managing so many groups, we made a decision to close all of the regional groups on Telegram and instead move them to the Hololoot Discord.

If you haven’t visited our Discord yet, make sure you do — it’s a passionate little community, and you can even find people who speak your language!

$PIXEL emissions reduction 🤖

Nope, we didn’t put solar panels on our staking pool — this is something else. The rate that $PIXEL is released decreased in February, from a daily rate of 1:1 to a daily rate of 1:0.1.

Congratulations to all of the early stakers who managed to take advantage of the early-bird emission rate! It’s now a lot more difficult to get $PIXEL, making those bags you stacked when it went live all the more worthwhile ✨

If you’re not staking anything yet — why not? You can stake single-asset $HOL for both $HOL and $PIXEL rewards, and the LP staking pool has a massive APR. Remember, there is a seven-day lockup, but other than that you’re free to add and remove $HOL as you please 💰

You can view the staking pools here.

New partnerships 🤝

The partnership grind never stops. In February we added two incredible projects to our list of partners — MetaWars and Fight of the Ages 🔥

MetaWars is a sci-fi-themed multiplayer strategy game set in a vast universe powered by a blockchain-based economy. They’ve got some awesome ship NFTs, and we can’t wait to see how they look flying around our living rooms in AR 🚀

Fight of the Ages, otherwise known as FotA, is a multiplayer battle game that leverages Microsoft Mesh to produce an immersive 3D world. If you’re not familiar with Microsoft Mesh, it’s basically an AR headset that allows you to interact with your AR assets with nothing but your hands 😲

It’s exciting for us to partner with a project like FotA which shares our vision for the future of AR technology, and we’re excited to work together in the future.

Our new pet 🐱

The Hololoot fam has been covering the furniture and hiding small objects for the last month as we prepare to welcome our mascot!

She’s adorable, and we can’t wait to formally introduce her to you all — keep an eye out for updates 👀

On the Medium 📰

Our content writers have been working hard to put out only the best Hololoot-related content this month, starting with an overview of Holopixel.

This is an important article to read — in it we go through what $PIXEL is for, what its tokenomics are and explain why it’s a good idea to stack as much as you possibly can. Whether you’re new to Hololoot or a certified $PIXEL whale, it’s important that you read this article to understand the basics behind our internal rewards token.

With all the incredible opportunities for game assets to come into AR, you might be forgiven for thinking that AR tech only has one use case. Instead, AR is set to revolutionize a huge number of industries, including engineering, medicine, education and fashion, among many others. To help break it down, we took a look at the top 5 AR use cases to keep an eye on in 2022. We might not be doing all of these right away with Hololoot, but we hope to be part of the revolution when it comes 💪

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see people making loads of marble sculptures anymore? It’s probably because they’re sculpting in Blender 😎

This month we took a peek behind the scenes at what goes into making a 3D model. If you’ve ever wondered where video game assets or even the CGI you see in movies comes from, this is article should be interesting. We’re looking forward to creating more of these as we explore more parts of the Hololoot process, including how 3D models end up in AR.

Some thoughts for March

March is going to be a big month for Hololoot. New partnerships, the marketplace release and some exciting marketing opportunities mean that you’ll hear a lot from us, and see Hololoot in a lot more places 😉

As always, make sure you’re following all of our channels for the latest updates, and be sure to keep an eye on the announcements ✨

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