Hololoot Staking Migration: An Update on Fees

Earlier this month we announced that our staking program would migrate to MyCointainer, a platform purpose-built to facilitate token staking. As we outlined in our original post, we believe that this will ultimately result in an improved staking experience for everyone. First, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we migrate. Most of … Read more

Hololoot Partners with MyCointainer Earning Platform for Enhanced Staking

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with MyCointainer — a leading Staking-as-a-Service provider that helps simplify staking for users and projects alike. As part of this partnership, we’ll be migrating our staking platform to MyCointainer. This is a huge win for Hololoot as it will expose us to a host of new users while improving the staking process … Read more

Hololoot September Recap

Welcome, Hololooters, to the monthly recap for September! Following on from our massive August, the team spent the month consolidating our development roadmap and preparing for the upcoming quarter. That’s not to say nothing happened on the community side — we had some awesome giveaways, and the CryptoZoo was abuzz with activity. Our CEO Adam … Read more

Dear Hololoot Community

Dear Hololoot Community, As we near the close of Q3 and approach some big anniversaries for our business, it’s a good time to look at the state of the project today and look forward to where we’re headed in the coming weeks, months, and years. When we started Hololoot we couldn’t have predicted that this … Read more

Augmented Reality: Extending what is possible with NFTs

Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are hot topics in the world of tech right now. More and more developers are turning their focus to either (or both) of these technologies, and companies like ours are betting big on an acronym-rich future (ARF). We recently read an article on NewsBTC discussing the role … Read more

Hololoot August Recap

We had a massive month in August with many exciting events for our community. Eight new partnerships, four giveaways, two competitions and coverage in three publications represented just the tip of the iceberg for one of our busiest periods of 2022. In this recap, we cover all this month’s highlights and look forward to what … Read more

AR Games: The Future or a Fad?

From a minority to the norm — gamers are everywhere. What started as a niche hobby for the tech-inclined in the 70s is now one of the largest entertainment segments on Earth, with industry revenues exceeding $180 billion in 2021. Around one-third of the people on Earth are gamers, and if the trends are to continue … Read more