Hololoot App Recap — August 2022

At the end of July, we launched our public beta for Android after a successful closed test. Since then, we’ve had thousands of downloads, some awesome giveaways, and drops, and continued work on development to make the Hololoot experience better than ever. Our app is a core part of our offering, and we’re excited that … Read more

Hololoot: Making the Metaverse Mobile

Recently, Bitcoinist published an article discussing the future of the metaverse and how mobile metaverse applications — which are currently lacking in the market — will be what takes this emerging marketing to the mainstream. The Bitcoinist article explores how Hololoot leads the pack in decentralized mobile metaverse solutions, and we thought we’d unpack this idea a … Read more

Hololoot July Recap

Holosummer is in full swing as we round out a massive July! This month we had huge app updates, competitions, and content galore, and if you’re worried you missed out, worry no more — in this article we’ll recap all the highlights for you ❤️ Android app release The wait is over — our Android … Read more

Hololoot x BGA AR NFT Giveaway 🎁

Our Android public release is here and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with our friends at Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) to run an awesome AR NFT giveaway! This is a chance to get your hands on a free AR NFT and to enter a competition to win a second AR NFT that gives you some fantastic benefits. … Read more

Hololoot for Android — Public Release

We’re extremely excited to announce that our Android app is now live on the Play Store! This means anyone with a compatible device can now get their hands on our app and begin experiencing the wonders of AR NFTs 🔥 As we’re expecting a pretty big influx of new users we thought it would be … Read more

Hololoot x CryptoBlades AR NFT Contest🏆

Android public release is still hot, but we don’t want to stop there! In partnership with @CryptoBlades, we have prepared a giveaway and competition with great prizes! You will be able to win lots of free NFTs, 20 WL to the @CryptoBlades project and as the grand prize all of the above + #AR #NFT Hololoot Cryptoblades! … Read more

What Is Hololoot? Our Project Explained for your Grandparents

A few weeks ago we published a simplified guide to AR and NFTs — a follow-up from our article explaining the metaverse in simple terms. Today, we’re back for the big one: “What is Hololoot?” We understand that for mainstream adoption to happen everyone needs to understand our app and the technology behind it. In this article, we … Read more

Hololoot’s AR NFT Marketplace: Q3 Drops and Giveaways

We’ve been teasing some awesome marketplace drops over the last few months, and the day has finally come to shed some light on what we’ve got in the works! Today, we’re excited to release our marketplace schedule for Q3! We’ve been working hard with our partners to develop AR NFTs that look awesome and deliver some … Read more

Hololoot’s CryptoZoo: The AltcoinBuzz Tiger 🐯

Come one, come all, to Hololoot’s famed CryptoZoo! See the colossal Bitcoin Whale, the dazzling Polkadot Flamingo, the charming Binance Shiba Inu and the noble Etherhino! And what a wonderful day to visit! The zoo has been abuzz with word of our latest entrant to the CryptoZoo — the king of the crypto jungle, and a feared predator always on the hunt … Read more