Hololoot June Recap

Charts are red, but spirits at Hololoot are greener than ever. This month saw us grow our team even more, expand our AR NFT collections into a new third-party marketplace and launch the hotly anticipated Android beta for our app!

As we’ve said many times, our timescale makes downturns like the one we’re experiencing somewhat irrelevant to our project. Nobody likes a bear market, but as our COO explained in a thread recently, these are one of the best times for projects like ours to consolidate our efforts and begin preparing for the inevitable return to an uptrend.

So Hololooters, rejoice! This month’s recap is a big one, and we’re excited to close Q2 with a bang 💥

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Android beta

We’re super close to our much-anticipated Android beta! This is a chance for us to call on our awesome community to stress test the app before it hits mainnet in early July.

We had more than 10,000 expressions of interest in the test, and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone on board over the next couple of weeks.

The Android beta test is a key part of our 2022 roadmap and will kickstart our Q3 marketing operations. We published this roadmap recently — check it out to get up to speed with what we’ve got planned 👇

CryptoZoo P2E game

Gaming is a massive part of what we’re building at Hololoot, and as previously teased we’re developing an AR game ourselves 🎮

CryptoZoo, based on characters from our collection of the same name, will see gamers take on the role of an AR zookeeper. You’ll take care of our NFT creatures, including the Etherhino, Binance Shiba Inu, Polkadot Flamingo, Bitcoin Whale, AltcoinBuzz Tiger and our very own Holly 🐱

Head to Twitter and make sure you’re following @CryptoZooAR today!

You’ll earn rewards based on the AR NFTs in your zoo, creating an exciting opportunity for Hololooters to branch into the wild world of Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming. The game is still very much in development, but we’re excited to share updates with you as we progress.

To help build the hype around CryptoZoo, we’ve been releasing bios on the cast of characters you’re able to collect. These tongue-in-cheek stories are a glimpse into the lives of our AR creatures and chronicle their adventures so far.

We’ve already released the bios for the Etherhino and the Binance Shiba Inu — check them out today and let us know what you think on Twitter ⚡️

Marketplace update

The CryptoZoo AR NFT collection rounded out in June with the release of the AltcoinBuzz Tiger — a collaboration with our friends at the crypto news service AltcoinBuzz. This was a fun one to put together, and we were stoked with how well it was received by both our communities.

The first iteration of the CryptoZoo collection had five members, but that’s by no means a hard cap! Let us know on Twitter what other crypto-critters you’d like to see added to the AR metaverse.

We’ve also secured listings on Element Market — a leading third-party NFT marketplace. You can find all of our AR NFTs listed there, including our collaboration with CryptoBlades. Our devs are working hard on integrating a P2P marketplace into our app, and we’ll have some updates to share on that front over the coming quarter.

Whitepaper update

We recently released an updated version of our whitepaper, reiterating our vision and consolidating our plan moving forward. This whitepaper includes important info on the AR metaverse we’re building — check it out on our website if you haven’t already.

New team members

We recently welcomed a new blockchain developer to Hololoot: Viacheslav Taranushenko, an experienced dev, fluent in React, Solidity and several other coding languages. He’s passionate about decentralization and we’re thrilled to have him on the team!

$HOL staking parameter updates

On June 02 we removed the 3% trading fee from our PancakeSwap pair to encourage new holders to get involved with Hololoot.

Hot off the holo-press

Apple hosted WWDC22 in June — a developer conference where they’ve traditionally announced new products and gone through exciting new hardware and software features. We wrote an article outlining our predictions and explaining what they might mean for AR in the next few years.

We strongly believe in the future of AR gaming and we’re proud to be part of the emerging market. In June we covered some of the most interesting AR games out there today: titles that push the boundary on what AR can do and those which have the best chance of bringing AR gaming further into the mainstream. This is a great read if you’re a gamer, or simply just interested in what people are doing with AR tech.

Ask [Us] Anything

We closed out the month with an AMA in the Dreamboat community channel, where we went through our latest developments and took questions from our communities. Dreamboat was one of our earliest backers and it was great to join them for this conversation.

Thanks to everyone who came and congratulations to those who won prizes! Keep an eye on our announcements for more AMAs in the coming months.

A great close to the quarter

Q2 was certainly tumultuous, but we think it closed well over at Hololoot. We’ve got a lot planned for Q3 including giveaways and more development updates, so as always, keep your eyes peeled for news 👀

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