Hololoot Marketplace walkthrough

Our marketplace is the gateway to the AR metaverse, allowing users to buy and sell AR NFTs which they can then activate and view. As Hololoot’s development continues, the marketplace will gain more features, eventually allowing anyone to easily generate and mint AR NFTs from any compatible 3D asset in just a few clicks.

Today, we’re going to explore the basic marketplace features. These are the things you’ll be able to do when the marketplace goes live on March 31, 2022 at 13.00 UTC. This won’t be the full marketplace, and not everyone will be able to access it right away, but in this early stage everyone can theoretically get a taste of what Hololoot will become ✨

The first drop: Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo 🎊

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the first drop on our marketplace will be Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo! We’ve been working hard on a series of AR NFTs which will speak to the heart of any crypto enthusiast.

The drops will begin with the Etherhino on March 31, followed by four more drops spread out over April. Make sure you keep an eye on our announcements as we reveal more details, including prices and perks. Trust us, this is a collection you’ll want to get your hands on 💎

Some important notes

The first version of the marketplace will be integrated into the Hololoot application. This means that you’ll need the application to access the marketplace.

Currently, the application is only available on iOS 13 and above via TestFlight. We’ve prepared an article explaining how to get the beta version of the Hololoot app — once the marketplace goes live, the app will be updated and the marketplace will become available. To make sure you’re ready on March 31, consider following the guide and getting the app set up today.

Android and web users — hold tight. Our development has focused on getting the backend secure, and after the launch we can begin working on frontends for other operating systems.

The marketplace is also only stable when connecting to a Metamask wallet. While we plan to support other wallets in the future, for the time being, you’ll have the best experience using Metamask.

Heading to the market

The marketplace is available through the Hololoot app, so step one is setting that up. Once you’ve got the app ready, getting to the marketplace is a fairly simple process. As with most decentralized applications, the first step is connecting your wallet.

Click on the wallet tab and follow the prompts to connect your wallet, including approving access to Hololoot via the wallet’s app.

If you’ve connected successfully, you should be able to see any AR NFTs you hold on that page. Of course, if you’re new there won’t be any there just yet — but with time, your collection will surely grow 🚀

Once you’re connected, it’s time to go shopping!

Click on the Marketplace tab to view available collections. You’ll be able to click on and view the assets inside these collections, and if something catches your eye, you’ll be able to purchase it and send it straight to your wallet.

Remember: the $HOL is the marketplace’s currency. Make sure you’ve got some $HOL on the wallet you’ve connected in previous steps so that you can purchase the assets you like.

Once you find an AR NFT you like, just hit ‘Buy’. The app will guide you through the process of purchasing the asset, including allowing the transaction in your wallet and approving the specific transaction. After a few moments (which depends on the speed of the chain), your transaction should be finished and your asset will be in your wallet!

You’re now ready to check it out in real life — click on the Metaverse tab to open the AR viewer, and begin exploring the world with your new AR NFTs ⚡️

The beginning of the revolution

Our marketplace is still in its early stages, and there’s a lot more to come. As we outlined in a previous article, the coming months will see it grow from what is now basically a store to a fully-fledged, decentralized P2E marketplace. As we round out the year we’ll also hopefully enable asset generation, giving anyone the ability to create amazing 3D AR assets in just a few clicks.

Make sure you’re following all our channels for the latest on our exclusive drops, app development and exciting features ✨

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