Hololoot’s tripple IDO

Hololooters, the time has finally come.

The nights spent asking ‘wen’ in our Telegram have not been for nothing, as we can now share the details of our December IDOs 🔥 We’re incredibly excited to be launching $HOL on three amazing launchpads over three crazy days, so make sure you read to the end to get across all the best parts 🚀

🚨 But first, something serious!

Scammers target projects around the time of their IDO looking to take advantage of misinformation. We will announce publicly, and very loudly, when $HOL will be available for trading — don’t try and buy any before that time! Anyone selling you tokens before our TGE and listing is a scammer. Even after listing, always double check the contract address you’re trading on. We will share the correct contract address for $HOL through our official channels, so please be patient and always verify you’re getting the address from us before swapping.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the fun stuff.

In this article we’ll look at each of the three launchpads and what you can do to participate in the hottest AR NFT launch of the year 😎

📚 Quick overview about $HOL

  • $HOL is launching on three BSC launchpads: Seedify, Synapse and Enjinstarter.
  • The sale occurs over three consecutive days between December 10 and 12.
  • 3,000,000 $HOL is available for a total raise of $600,000 BUSD, at a price of $0.20 BUSD per token.
  • The TGE is slated for December 13.
  • Public vesting applies: 30% released on TGE, then linear over 9 months.

December 10 — Seedify 🌱

First cab off the rank is our December 10 IGO on Seedify. An IGO is just like an IDO, but better because it’s for games 🎮

The Seedify team have prepared a handy document to help you get across the entire whitelisting process, which can be found here. You’ll need to stake Seedify’s token $SFUNDS to participate.

Launchpad: Seedify

Network: BSC

Tokens available: 1,250,000 $HOL

Token price: $0.20 BUSD

Total raise: $250,000 BUSD

Seedify has our largest launch allocation, but don’t let that make you complacent. Their launches have a history of selling out extremely quickly, and of course there aren’t an unlimited number of places in the pool.

 Be sure you’re ready when the sale starts at 13.00 UTC.

December 11 — Synapse 🧠

Synapse have been kind enough to prepare a project report to give you all the key details about Hololoot prior to the launch, which you can read here. It’s a great place to get a snapshot overview of the tokenomics and vesting which will be the same across all three launchpads.

Synapse gave us the procedure for participating in their rounds. Make sure you read all of the details carefully:

🟢 Go to Synapse: Click here

🔷 You need to stake minimum 1000 SNP or in LP on ERC20 or BSC.

🔹 You need to pass KYC (identity verification by Fractal) when you log into our platform.

🔹 Use only ONE account and ONLY one Ethereum address on Fractal as well as on our platform.

🔷 You must express your wish to take part before the deadline by going into the details of Hololoot on our platform. You must then click on the button and confirm that you wish to participate.

💭 At the top of the screen you will see a notification telling you to do KYC — follow it

📚 How do you pay for the Hololoot IDO? With BUSD on BSC

⚠️ Once you have completed the steps above:

➡️ Check the announcements relating to Hololoot:

Click here

Launchpad: Synapse

Network: BSC

Tokens available: 875,000 $HOL

Token price: $0.20 BUSD

Total raise: $175,000 BUSD

Registration for Synapse opens at 09.00 UTC on December 7 — this means you should begin preparing for the whitelisting before this time so that you’re ready when registration begins.

December 12 — Enjinstarter 🔥

We’re closing off our public sale with none other than Enjinstarter — and what a note to finish on. They’ve also kindly prepared an article on how to participate in their IDOs, which you can read here.

You need to hold $EJS tokens to participate in this launch, so make sure your wallet is loaded up ahead of time 💰

Launchpad: Enjinstarter

Network: BSC

Tokens available: 875,000 $HOL

Token price: $0.20 BUSD

Total raise: $175,000 BUSD

December 13 — TGE & Life Post-IDO ✨

Our TGE is slated for December 13, after all the sale rounds close. Remember, don’t buy any $HOL before we announce the DEX listing, and even then always double check the contract.

As with almost every token sale, vesting periods apply. For public tokens, 30% is unlocked at the TGE, then linear over 9 months.

A public sale is a huge milestone for any project, but we know that this is just the beginning. You, our community, inspire us to keep working day in and day out, and Hololoot wouldn’t be possible without you.

Plus, with so many of you holding $HOL, we really don’t want to let you down 😬

Thank you so much for your support so far, and best of luck to those vying for a whitelist spot! Even if you don’t make it on an IDO list, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get $HOL on the market.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the work, including development updates and some exciting partnerships, so make sure you’re following all of our channels to be sure you don’t miss a thing 💖

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